Bouncy castle insurance

Welcome to our top 6 tips about bouncy castle insurance before buying your insurance policy.
Read on or if you are in a hurry, get a great insurance quote for your bouncy castle!

Check the "best practice" information

Most insurance companies will only pay out in case of a claim if you operated the bouncy castle safely in the first place. It is worth finding out before you pay your insurance premium if you can indeed comply with the insurer operation requirements. In doubt, don't hesitate to phone your insurance broker to check the terms of the bouncy cast insurance policy.

If you change your mind before your bouncy castle insurance starts

We really recommend that you read the terms and conditions (also called Policy Wording) of the bouncy castle insurance you are thinking of buying, especially the cancellation terms: You may find you could use part, or even all of the premium should you need to cancel your insurance before the start date of your policy.

Canceling your policy mid-term

Because bouncy castle insurance is a liability insurance product, a claim against the bouncy castle hirer can occur up to six years after the event - Therefore the insurer is exposed for that period of time, which means that there is usually no return of premium should you need to cancel your bouncy castle insurance mid-term - the insurer needs to make sure they have been paid in full.

Check your insurance provider customer service

You might be happy with an insurance provider who only offers online quotes and support. Or you might feel more comfortable with an insurance broker that you know you can reach by phone if you have any questions at all about your policy. Of course, communication doesn't stop the day you buy the policy: You may find it is very valuable to have an insurance broker you know you can call to help you during the life of your bouncy castle policy or in case you have a claim.

Duty of Care as a professional

Please make sure you operate the bouncy castle in a safe manner. Your insurer might well assess your claim to be invalid if it turns out that you have left someone who isn't fit use your equipment.

Trade Associations

Are you a member of TIPE, BIHA, NAIH? Your bouncy castle insurance provider might offer a discount in that case. Worth checking out!